As our world changes and our lives evolve along with it, we need more creative solutions to help us get help we need, when we need it. For this reason, we offer virtual counseling to individuals anywhere in the State of Florida. Virtual counseling sessions can be provided via video or phone, depending on your preference.

We’ve had many clients who have opted for remote counseling sessions either throughout their therapy or for a limited period of time until they’re able to return to face-to-face sessions in the office.

Research shows that virtual sessions can be just as effective as face-to-face sessions. Save time and travel and have your therapy session from home, from work, from wherever you need to be.

Virtual counseling sessions also create the flexibility to “take your therapist with you” if you ever decide to relocate out of the Orlando area to another part of Florida. This allows you to continue therapy without having to start over with a new therapist any time you move if it’s no longer convenient to come into the office.

Anxiety and Depression Therapy Online

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety

Reasons You May Want to Consider Virtual Counseling or Online Therapy

  • Your work schedule doesn’t leave enough time to come in for sessions – we can meet on your lunch hour!
  • You don’t live locally in Orlando, but are interested in beginning Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with us
  • Your mental health symptoms (such as your anxiety or depression) have made it difficult for you to make it in for face-to-face sessions in the past – we can start with video or phone sessions and work our way up to face-to-face sessions once you’ve made some progress and you’re feeling more able!
  • You travel a lot for work – we can switch over to virtual counseling sessions whenever you’re out of town and pick right back up with face-to-face sessions when you’re home again!

CBT Therapy Online

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Online Therapy: It’s Not for Everyone

Online Therapy: It’s Not for Everyone

While online therapy can be extremely convenient, it’s not necessarily the right fit for everyone. In order to begin virtual sessions, our first priority is to ensure our clients’ safety. For this reason, when we complete our initial assessment to get you started, we’ll also discuss any concerns we may have around safety that could impact our ability to provide you with virtual therapy. If we’re not able to help for any reason, we’ll gladly offer you referrals and walk you through the process of transitioning to another provider who may be a better fit for you.

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