Residential Treatment & Support Groups

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re looking for the right help for yourself or a loved one. Here is a list of local Orlando treatment providers who provide services to individuals who are generally NOT suitable for therapy in a private practice setting and are in need of more intensive care. At the bottom, you will also find a list of support groups, both local and online.

For individuals who are experiencing acute mental health crisis or severe mental health symptoms that are not currently stabilized my medication, it’s recommended to complete an assessment and possible treatment through a residential treatment program prior to starting outpatient therapy. With severe unstable mental health symptoms, it can be extremely difficult to participate in therapy and it’s important to be stabilized first in order to ensure you get as much benefit as possible from the work you do.

For individuals struggling with addiction and substance abuse, there is often a significant amount of emotional pain you want to work through in therapy. If you are unable to maintain sobriety, however, your addiction can work against you in therapy, unfortunately undermining the time and effort you put in to working on yourself. For that reason, it is recommended to complete a substance abuse evaluation with a substance abuse treatment provider if you are unable to maintain sobriety on your own. Once you have successfully completed treatment for substance abuse, and able to maintain sobriety on your own, you can continue working on healing your underlying emotional pain in outpatient therapy.

Inpatient Residential Psychiatric Treatment

The following agencies offer inpatient residential psychiatric treatment programs in the Orlando area. These programs are crucial if you are experiencing severe mental health symptoms that are not suitable for outpatient treatment. This type of treatment can be helpful in providing a diagnosis, medication evaluation, and crisis stabilization for mental health concerns.

La Amistad 407-647-0660

Central Florida Behavioral Hospital 407-370-0111

Lakewood Center 407-332-1711

Lakeside Inpatient 407-875-3700

Inpatient Residential Addiction Treatment

The following agencies offer inpatient residential addiction treatment for individuals struggling with substance abuse who are not yet able to maintain sobriety enough to participate in outpatient treatment. It can be a difficult choice to enter an inpatient substance abuse treatment program, but it may also be the best choice you could make. If you, or someone you love, has been struggling with addiction, it can be difficult and even dangerous to quit “cold turkey” on your own. It’s especially important to enter professional medical treatment if you or someone you love has become dependent on alcohol, benzodiazepines (such as Xanax, Klonipin, or Ativan), or opiate pain medications (such as Hydrocodone, Oxycodon, or Fentanyl).

Detox from Alcohol or Other Substances

Orlando Recovery Center (407) 613-5558

Aspire, Addictions Receiving Facility 407-245-0012

Orlando Health 321-841-5111

Florida Hospital 407-303-8533

Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Orlando Recovery Center (407) 613-5558

Aspire Health Partners 407-245-0012

STEPS (Women Only) 407-884-2125

Hogar Crea (Espanol) 407-240-6464

addiction treatment in orlando

Crisis Services

The following agencies provide 24/7 support by phone for individuals in crisis. If you feel that you are in danger of harming yourself or someone else, contact 9-1-1 immediately.

Suicidal Thoughts

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-784-2433

Lifeline of Central Florida 407-425-2624

General Crisis & Domestic Violence

Harbor House 407-886-2586

United Way 2-1-1

Support Groups

Support Groups

The following organizations do not provide treatment, but host valuable support groups both online and in person in the Orlando area to help individuals struggling with a variety of issues including addiction, anxiety, depression, grief, and others. If you’re not yet ready to begin therapy or you prefer to participate in a group setting with others who’ve been through the same things, support groups can be a great option. If you decide to participate in a 12-Step group, be sure to stick around after the meeting and get the names and phone numbers of a few fellow group members, in case you need someone to call for support during a tough moment. That’s what they’re there for!

**The information on this list was last updated on 10/14/2014. Any resource obtained from this list regarding a specific provider, program, or service does not constitute or imply an endorsement by Let’s Talk! Counseling and Services LLC. This list is intended to serve as a resource to provide information regarding available mental health and substance abuse services in the Orlando area.

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