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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a short-term, goal oriented approach. CBT therapy focuses on helping you become more aware of the way you think and act in order to help you change the way you feel. CBT is one of the most widely supported forms of therapy because of its proven effectiveness in treating a wide variety of psychological concerns.


CBT is Evidence-Based Effective Treatment

Countless studies have shown cognitive behavioral therapy to have positive results in treating the following concerns:

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What Exactly is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT?

The primary focus of CBT is to work together to explore your belief system, your thoughts, and the meaning you make from your experiences. It is these underlying thoughts and beliefs that contribute to distressing feelings such as depression, anxiety, or intense anger. Together we will begin to connect how your perception of situations and events — past, present, and future — shapes the way you feel and react. Over the course of therapy, you will learn a great deal about techniques for managing your mood, the rationale behind these techniques, and how best to begin practicing these new skills in your everyday life.

CBT Counseling is typically short-term, goal oriented, and structured. It is an action and insight based approach. The process begins with getting a better understanding of what the problem is, how the problem has developed over time, and how to begin taking concrete steps to correct it. It is an ideal approach for someone who is concerned that therapy may be a “waste of time just talking” as it forces both therapist and client to really hone in on the problem and begin chipping away at it in a systematic fashion. Thus, the structured nature of CBT is helpful in allowing you to get the most out of your time in therapy.

The first few sessions are devoted to getting an accurate description of the specific problems you’re struggling with and working together to set goals you would like to work toward. The problems that bring you into therapy may be physical symptoms (i.e. lack of energy, sleeping poorly, or difficulty concentrating), behavioral problems (i.e. problematic use of alcohol or other substances, difficulty socializing, risky sexual behavior, or over-eating), or life problems (i.e. problems in your marriage or job).

Once we have a shared understanding of what problems you’re experiencing and what goals you’d like to pursue in counseling, we will use this information to plan out the content of sessions and what approach we’ll take to address your concerns. Each week we will decide together what main topics would be most helpful to focus on, review your progress over the past week, and discuss any successes or difficulties you’ve had in applying the techniques on your own. Each session ends with a plan for what skills and techniques you can practice outside of session to begin conquering your problems.

Homework is common component of CBT as it allows you the chance to gain insight and practice skills on your own. The actual content of homework varies depending on the issue but may include journaling, tracking experiences that provoke feelings of depression or trigger panic attacks, breaking down thoughts or beliefs we’ve identified as connected to your concerns, or practicing some type of behavioral technique such as relaxation exercises, grounding techniques, or physical exercise.

The ultimate goal of CBT is for you to become your own therapist!

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