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Relapse Prevention Counseling Orlando

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counseling In Orlando

Often times, addiction can be isolating, particularly as it may begin to cause problems in your life or relationships and leave you feeling like something has to change and soon. If you struggle with addiction and think you may be interested in getting help to get your life back, it is important to speak with a counselor or your physician to figure out what level of treatment would be the most helpful for you.

**IMPORTANT: If you are physically dependent on drugs or alcohol, have developed an increasing tolerance, or have noticed withdrawal symptoms when you have tried to stop in the past, DO NOT quit without first speaking to a medical professional about your use history. Physical withdrawal from opiates, alcohol, and benzodiazepines in particular, can be extremely dangerous and potentially life threatening without proper medical care and supervision throughout the process.**

If you are unable to maintain your sobriety for at least a month on your own, you may benefit from a higher level of treatment in order to get some clean time under your belt before you’re able to begin outpatient counseling and working on some of the underlying causes for your addiction. This can be confusing because we often believe we need to address the underlying issue first in order to stay clean. However, if you’re having trouble maintaining sobriety for at least a month on your own, a substance abuse treatment program can teach you the basics you need to know in order to stay clean and sober long enough to begin working on deeper issues. Substance abuse treatment programs typically cover such topics as (1) accepting and acknowledging your addiction, (2) understanding both the real and potential consequences of your substance use (the opposite of denial), (3) learning to identify your triggers for relapse, and (4) learning basic coping skills to maintain your sobriety short-term.
Sometimes we can maintain sobriety for a while, only to relapse after a month or two, often leaving us feeling guilty, ashamed, or angry with ourselves. If you are able to maintain your sobriety for at least 30 days on your own or have recently completed an inpatient program for drugs or alcohol and are looking for ways to STAY sober, we may be a good fit for you! Counseling help you to address the underlying causes that led to the addiction or that have contributed to your relapses in the past (such as anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, or unresolved trauma), which can be difficult to do on your own, but is necessary to maintain long-term recovery. Counseling can be especially helpful if you struggle with chronic relapse after periods of significant sobriety and need help changing this pattern. Contact us today to discuss how counseling can help you with your recovery. You deserve the chance at a clean and sober life you can be proud of.
Codependency Counseling Orlando

Codependent | Counseling for Codependency in Orlando

Do you consider yourself a “people pleaser” but have a hard time figuring out what would make you happy? Do you feel selfish when you focus on your own needs, take time for yourself, or pursue something you want? Do you feel like your opinion of yourself is based on how other people see you, what they think of you, or what they say to you? Maybe you’ve noticed that you often feel responsible for helping other people with their problems despite the toll it takes on you.
If any of these troubles sound familiar, you may struggle with codependency. Codependency is a way of living, a way of relating to others, and a way of treating yourself that can take a significant toll over time. Realizing you are living a codependent lifestyle is the first and perhaps most difficult step, but a necessary one to begin carving out a piece of your life for yourself. Counseling can help though this process by taking a closer look at some of these issues you may struggle with, teaching you how to create and maintain healthy boundaries in your relationships, and helping you to rebuild the identity and sense of self that is often lost to codependency. It’s time now to put as much love and effort and energy into yourself as you have put into others.
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Relapse Prevention Counseling Orlando

Connect With Others: Get Support, Share Ideas, and Speak Your Mind

The following organizations do not provide treatment, but host valuble support groups both online and in person in the Orlando area to help individuals struggling with a variety of issues.
Alcoholics Anonymous

Co-dependents Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Overeaters Anonymous

Sex Addicts Anonymous